Get Your Desktops “To Go”

Sitco Virtual Desktops powered by VMware View deliver rich, personalized desktops as a managed service. Our platform virtualizes the operating system, applications, and user data and delivers modern desktops to end-users. There is no server or storage hardware to purchase as your Virtual Desktops are hosted in our high-availability Data Center environment.

Realize Up to 50% Cost Savings – PC hardware consumes a large portion of IT budget but the acquisition cost of PCs is only a small portion of the total cost of ownership. A typical organization spends approximately 3 dollars in operational expense for every dollar spent on PC hardware acquisition. With Sitco’s Virtual Desktops you can significantly reduce your desktop acquisition, operating, and management costs. Free up your IT staff to work on strategic projects. Take control of your desktop infrastructure by standardizing on the industry-leading desktop virtualization solution powered by VMware. You’ll see immediate, quantifiable cost savings while ensuring true business agility.

Simplified Desktop Management – Desktop and application virtualization breaks the bonds between the operating system, applications, user data and hardware, eliminating the need to install or manage desktop environments on end-user devices. From a central location you can deliver, manage, and update all of your Windows desktops and applications in minutes. Virtual Desktops make the testing, provisioning, and support of applications and desktops much easier and less costly.

Superior End-User Experience – Our platform gives users access to their Virtual Desktops over a wide variety of devices, without any performance degradation. End-users enjoy a seamless desktop experience with the ability to play rich media content, choose from various monitor configurations, and easily access locally attached peripherals such as scanners and mass storage devices. The adaptive capabilities of the PCoIP display protocol are optimized to deliver Virtual Desktops to users on the LAN or over the WAN.